Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Dry Skin Treatment

Dry skin caused by a deficiency in vitamin A, vitamin C, Zinc or dehydration or when you get older. Dry skin can also lead to premature wrinkles so it's important to treat it soon. Prolong dryness can also cause eczema. If you see dry skin then work on following tips.

Take Vitamin A:

Vitamin A stimulates fibroblasts which help to develop tissues and make your skin youthful and soft.
It slows the process of anti-agying. It protects you from acne because it's caused by clogged pores and oil in the skin. Vitamin A encourages new cells production thus fewer the chances of producing acne. Vitamin A can be found in oranges, oily fish and green leafy vegetables.

Take Vitamin C:

Vitamin C has antioxidant qualities and it has an important role in collagen synthesis which is good for skin health. It treats ultraviolet-induced photodamage. There are many foods for vitamin C like strawberries, oranges e.t.c but you can also use vitamin C serum. It helps to heal from acne scars. Below is a very good serum and you can try it.

Take Zinc:

Zinc helps in maintaining skin cell health. Deficiency in zinc lowers the process of healing in skin. Zinc uses in many skin agying and acne related products.

Take Water:

Dehydration is a major cause of skin dryness. 8 glasses of water are generally recommended but if you don't have any severe kidney issues, you can take as much water as much you like.


Coconut oil is a best moisturise for dry skins but take care if you have acne prone skin. Look for moisturiser having coconut oil in it. Apart from coconut, you can also use buttermilk.
My Recommendation:
I use Aveeno and Neutrogena deep moisturisers. They suit me really well and if you have eczema this moisturiser will help you a lot.

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