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What is Double Cleansing for Your Face and How to Do it?

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7 Mental Health Tips that are Approved by Therapists. Don't Ignore Your Mental Health!

Mental health is a widely discussed topic from the past few years, it doesn't mean that people didn't suffer from mental health issues in the past but they'd been poorly treated or not treated at all. There is a lot going on for mental health awareness and now, many people started understanding what to do if they have or any of their relatives or friends have anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. Mild symptoms can be treated at home without starting medications. Taking care of your mental health before getting distressed is like saving something for a rainy day.  Here I am going to write about 7 mental health tips that are given by therapists and it'll surely help you if you've a mild condition. For severe conditions, it's better to talk to a psychiatrist. 
Early Symptoms of Poor Mental Health:
Early symptoms of poor mental health include; Poor concentration and get easily distracted.Decision making becomes hard.Feeling tired and have less interest in daily a…

10 Korean Skincare steps that Rejuvenate Your Skin (Korean Beauty routine)

Korean Skincare products and Korean skincare steps are getting popular these days because of its positive side effects on the skin. It's not compulsory that you do all 10 steps every day, it depends on your skin type and condition. It's actually using different skin care products on the skin: making it healthy and glowy. If you've a busy routine then you can skip steps and do that suits your routine. People have seen a good result after following Korean beauty routine.
Korean Skincare Step #1;
Do Oil Cleansing:

Oil cleansing helps to remove any dirt or debris from the skin. It removes makeup and impurities from your face. You can use Korean oil cleanser or the one that suits you. Coconut oil is in one of the best oil cleansers. You can also check other oil cleansers on post 10 Best Cleansing Oil.

Korean Skincare Step #2;
Do Foam Cleansing:

Foam cleanser applies on a wet face. It's hard to remove all dirt in just one cleansing step so double cleansing (oil + foam) helps to…

Does Sugar Affect Your Skin, Hair & Body? 5 Reasons Too Much Sugar is Bad for You

Excess Sugar intake isn't good for our body and it can have many side effects. It's better to take only daily recommended sugar and if possible take added sugar as less as possible. Sugar can affect different parts of our body but here, I am writing about 5 main reasons to use less sugar in our daily diet.

1- Sugar causes Acne & Early Skin Ageing:

Taking too much sugar in your diet links to acne. Sugary foods, juices and drinks may cause breakouts. You can apply sugar scrub on your face and it doesn't cause any breakout, only you need to eat less sugary foods. High sugar diet increases sebum production and inflammation on the skin which results in pore clogging and acne on the face.

Sugar also causes early ageing. Early signs of ageing include light wrinkles around eyes and mouth. According to studies, sugar reacts with the protein in our body and produces advanced glycation end products. These products result in early ageing.

2- Sugar causes Hair Loss:

Too much sugar i…

Weight Loss Tips for Women. Does Weight Loss in Women Different than Men?

Obesity is the root cause of many illnesses. Sometimes we gain weight by overeating or sometimes there is an underlying cause of it. Skipping meals isn't a good option to lose weight. Every woman is different. Therefore, first find the reason behind weight gain and then work on losing it. You can check whether you are overweight or underweight by calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index). Following are the tips that may help you losing weight.
Weight Loss And Calories Intake Per Day:

Generally, a woman needs 2000 calories per day but this could be different to each individual. Some women burn calories quickly than others and some have a quick weight gaining tendency. An important thing is to count on calories. For losing weight, it's recommended to eat 1500 calories per day. It helps you to lose 1 pound weight in a week. Drastic weight loss isn't a good option, It's better to gradually lose weight at a nice pace.
Adult women in 30's shouldn't eat less than 800 cal…

7 Acupuncture Benefits (Only A Few People Know)

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment used to treat different physical and mental health conditions. In Acupuncture, sterilized needles are inserted in the body at specific points (acupoints or pressure points). These points are considered as energy points known as meridians. This process stimulates sensory nerves resulting in producing natural body hormones.
7 Amazing Acupuncture Benefits:

Acupuncture can be used for various reasons but the 7 best benefits of it are as follows,

Acupuncture benefits for skinAcupuncture benefits for hairAcupuncture benefits for high blood pressureAcupuncture benefits for anxietyAcupuncture benefits for weight lossAcupuncture benefits for pregnancyAcupuncture benefits for arthritis
1- Acupuncture Benefits For Skin:

Acupuncture can be done on different parts of your body's skin like legs, arms, or face. Cosmetic acupuncture helps in dealing with your skin's cells and makes them healthy. Give them a healthy and fresh look. It's also used a…

What Does Hemp Oil Do To Improve Your Skin, Hair And Health? Know 5 Incredible Hemp Oil Benefits Before Buying It!

There is a hype about hemp oil and it's become topical these days. People want to know its benefits and what does hemp oil do to improve skin, hair and health. Before going to buy this oil, first know what it is, where it is used and what its benefits are.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is an essential oil that is obtained from pressing hemp seeds. It's also known as hempseed oil. Unrefined hemp oil is dark to light green in colour and after refining, it becomes colourless.

Where Does Hemp Oil Use?

Hemp oil is used in skin care products, hair care products, detergents, lubricants, paints and even in cooking.

What Does Hemp Oil Do To Improve Skin, Hair And Health?

Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids, which is necessary for our health. Essential fatty acids can't be produced by our body itself and our body take it through diet. Essential fatty acids improve brain and nervous system. It helps in forming the healthy cell membrane. It improves the appearance of skin and hair. It …