Thursday, 16 August 2012

How To Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing is a process of removing dust and dirt from your skin cells. It also helps in removing dead cells

from your skin.

The best cleansers are natural based and have different vegetable oils ( coconut, palm oil etc ). Natural

cleansers have low PH and good for skin.


Skin Cleansing:

Step 1: ( Cleansing )

Moist your face with water. Take and rub cleanser in your palm and apply by finger tips on your face and

neck. Massage gently upward on your neck and in circular motion on your face for at least 10 mins. Now

wash off your face with cold water and dry it with soft towel to avoid any rash.


Step 2: ( Scrubbing )

Apply scrub after cleansing. You can use normal scrub or blackhead remover scrub to clean your face. It is

good to apply it very gently to avoid any skin cell's damage. 5-10 mins are appropiate for it then wash off

face and dry it by soft towel.


Step 3: ( Toning )

Toning is a part of cleansing. After drying your face, apply toner. Toner is good to remove all dust and dirt.

It is recommended to use toner after scrubbing as it not only removes dirt but also relaxes skin cells.

Step 4: ( Masking )

Apply mask after toning. You can use home-made masks or branded. Home masks are preferable as it

doesn't have any chemical. Mud mask or Multani miti is best for it.When mask drys, wash it off and dry

your face with soft towel. Mask gives your face a smooth look.

Step 5: ( Mositurising )

Moisturising is good to make your skin soft and flexible. It helps to glow your skin and avoid it from ageing.

For healthy and glowing skin, it is recommended to cleanse your skin at least once a month.

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