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Face Scrub

What is Scrub?
It has creamy granular texture and especially designed for face skin.

Why we use Scrub?
Scrubs are used to remove dead skin cells. When scrub applies on skin, it removes dead skin cells leaving

behind soft and smooth skin. If we use it on daily basis then our skin starts glowing and looks healthy.

How To Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing is a process of removing dust and dirt from your skin cells. It also helps in removing dead cells

from your skin.

The best cleansers are natural based and have different vegetable oils ( coconut, palm oil etc ). Natural

cleansers have low PH and good for skin.

Natural Remedies For Skin Cells:

Besan (Gram Flour) :

Apply daily besan paste on your face and give a gentle massage on your skin (at

least 5 mins) and wash off all the paste. Besan makes your skin cells alive and

remove oil and dirt from your skin in a natural way. It is good for acne and