Sunday, 1 July 2018

Mint Leaves for facial skin

Mint has so many benefits on skin. It just not only soothe skin but it helps to calm down irritated skin. It slowly clears the dark circles and if you have acne-prone skin then it helps to make your skin acne free. Mint leaves contain vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, fatty acids and minerals which are good for skin health.
If you want to make your facial skin look better you can use Mint water. You just have to grind few mint leaves in water and apply on face. This method has generally no side effect and you can see the difference in just a few weeks.
Mint water can also be used as a toner or face mask and it makes your skin hydrated and oil free.
You can buy peppermint essential oil. Mix it with a carrier oil and apply on your skin after face wash in morning and at night.

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