Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hairstyle According To Your Face Type

Hairstyle For Round Shaped Face:

Round shaped faces are those faces which have a round chin and are wider from cheek area.If you have a look on round shaped face then you can compare it with an orange shape.

Long Hairstyle:

The hairstyle for round shaped face should deflect its roundness so the best hairstyle that suits such faces are long layers. The reason behind choosing a long hairstyle for round shaped face is to reduce the width of the face and giving it a longer look.

Short Hairstyle With Soft Waves:

The main task for round shaped face is to give it an illusion of slimness so it can be achieved by short hairs having a soft wavy look on it.

Hairstyle For Diamond Shaped Face:

Diamond shaped faces have fabulous cheekbones. These faces are wide from the middle of the face and narrow from forehead and chin.

Long Layers Hairstyle And Avoid Short Bangs:
Long layers which are smooth against cheek suits best to these shaped people. Here our main goal is to reduce extra widening of cheek while broadening of forehead and chin so we avoid short bangs and too much weight on top because it gives a thin and too long face look. For diamond face shaped we could tuck hairs behind the ear to show their beautiful cheekbones. If the chin is very pointy then you could adjust it with heavy hairs at the neck area.

Hairstyle For Oval Shaped Face:

Oval shaped faces are wider from the temples and they are narrowing down the chin.
These faces are slightly longer than they are wide and you can compare them with an egg shape. They have good jawlines but they are slightly rounded.

Any Hair Cut:

Oval shaped faces are lucky faces and any hairstyle suits them. In these shaped faces, we should be careful in not adding height on the top of the head because it gives the face a longer look.

Hairstyle For Long Shaped Face:

Long shaped faces are noticeably longer in size than they are wide and look thin.
These shaped faces are very similar to oval faces but they have higher forehead and
cheekbones. These faces have a prominent chin.

Bob Cut Hairstyle:

For this face shape, we have to create an illusion of width near cheekbones to overcome face elongation. Bob cut suits such faces as it adds width to face. You can also add width by bangs. It's your choice to select the type of bang, you could wear side-swept or blunt bangs. It is recommended not to wear length hairstyle because it gives your face a very long look.

Hairstyle For Pear Shaped Face:

The pear-shaped face has small rounded cheekbones, wider chin and smaller forehead area. If you flip heart-shaped face upside down then you can exactly find a pear shaped face.

Exposed Forehead Hairstyle:

For pear-shaped faces, it is recommended to expose forehead by wearing hair bands or tucking bangs with clips because it not only looks beautiful but also draws attention upward away from jawlines.
You can also add hair width between ear and shoulder to overcome thin chin area. You can also do it by tucking hairs behind the ear. Layered shag cut suits best to this face shape because it creates fullness on the upper half part and takes away attention to the jawlines. This hairstyle accentuates on other parts of the face, especially in the eye area.


The pear-shaped face doesn't look good in a ponytail, short crops or one length hairstyle as it exposes your cheekbones.

Hairstyle For Heart-Shaped Face:

The heart shaped face has a wide forehead and a narrow chin or pointy area.


The hairstyle that suits a heart-shaped face is either chin length or long length hairstyle. A hairstyle that creates volume on the bottom half of face also looks superb to this type of
face. Shaggy hairstyle also looks flattering because it adds volume to the downside of the face. Sideswept bangs are good to draw attention towards eyes.


It is recommended to avoid short hairstyle because it draws attention towards the upper part of the face. Avoid too much height at the crown as it gives a very narrow chin look.

Hairstyle For Square Shaped Face:

Square shaped faces are as long as they are wide. They have strong jawlines.
If you have this type of shape then you are lucky because most celebrities have
this type of shape these days but it is not like an oval-shaped face in which all hairstyles suit.


Sqaure shaped face looks best in short or medium length hairstyle. Layers also give them a stylish
look. Curly and wavy hairstyle gives roundness to face. By adding height at crown gives the face a
longer look. Hair volume near temples and cheekbones gives face around look. It is good to hide
jawlines with hairs.


The square shaped face doesn't look perfect with a short hairstyle, this hairstyle gives a harsh look.

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