Friday, 16 November 2012

3 Methods To Tame Your Eyebrow

Method Number 1

Tame Your Eyebrow By Using Tweezers:

You can tame your eyebrows by using tweezers. It is one of the easy

method to remove hairs from your


First of all wipe your eyebrows with astringent soaked cotton ball. It helps in reducing hair removing pain

then spray a small amount of hair spray on your eyebrows and brush it on upward direction.

Now with the help of small scissors, cut the longest hairs beyond the natural arch. To give a clean and clear

look, hold tweezers at 45 degree and remove extra hairs above and below the eyebrow line by plucking it

on the direction of hair growth.

Points to be noted;

It should be keep in mind that eyebrows slanting upward gives an angry look therefore avoid plucking too

much hair from outer corner.

If you have light brows then you can fill it with brow pencil stroke.

For more natural look, dipped brow brush in brow powder and apply it in upward direction on eyebrows.

Brows shade should be according to your complexion.African-American should try gray shades, Blonde

shade is for fair complexion and Olive colored women should use brown.

If you over tame your brow then fill it with brow shadow. The direction of application of shadow is in the

direction of hair growth.

Eye shadow on your brows gives you a more natural and defined look as compared to eye pencil.

Eyebrow shade should be two shades lighter than hair color for dark or olive colored women.

Eyebrow shade should be two shades darker than blonde or gray hair women.

Method Number 2

Tame Your Eyebrow By Waxing:

Waxing is more costly then using tweezers. In this process hot wax applies on unwanted eyebrow hairs from

root to tip with the help of finger or stick and move finger or stick against the direction of hair growth. This

process require less maintenance and gives accurate shape.

Method Number 3

Tame Your Eyebrow By Using Thread:

Threading can cause same discomfort as waxing or tweezing but it gives result for 2-3 weeks. In this

process , you have to twist thread and rub on your skin in straight direction.

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