Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Confident Faces Look Beautiful

If you feel, you are shy or nervous to communicate with others then you are not the only one. According to

research, People are more afraid of speaking to

human than insects and here I give you simple tips to overcome this habit

or to look confident while speaking.

1) Don't be scruffy in front of others. Your dressing and style matters alot

to feel yourself good and this encourages you to be confident among others while speaking or dealing with


2) Don't try to copy anyone or never change your originality because it is the best thing you have.

3) You feel confident when you are fresh.

4) Hair is a very important part of your personality. Do the hair style that suits you and take advice from

your hairdresser for the hair styles that suits you.

5) If you are satisfied with what you have then you look confident and it doesn't necessary that you should

be good looking, if you are confident then you naturally look beautiful.

6) Don't show yourself nervous in front of other even if you are.

7) Sometimes using less formal language helps you to feel comfortable and confident.

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