Sunday, 26 August 2012

Face Scrub

What is Scrub?

It has creamy granular texture and especially designed for face skin.

Why we use Scrub?

Scrubs are used to remove dead skin cells. When scrub applies on skin, it removes dead skin cells leaving

behind soft and smooth skin. If we use it on daily basis then our skin starts glowing and looks healthy.

How To Apply Face Scrub?

Its application is very simple. You can use either finger tips or cosmetic pad to apply scrub on your face.

In both cases, it is good to apply scrub gently in circular motion without adding extra pressure because it

may cause skin rash if you don't apply it softly.

How To Buy a Scrub?

Before buying a face scrub, try to test it. For testing the scrub, apply a small amount of it on your wrist and

massage it for few mins then wash off. We apply scrub on wrist because it is delicate skin like our face skin

and it's reaction should be same as face skin reaction to any cream so if you feel any irritation then it shows

your sensitivity with the scrub ingredient therefore don't buy it. 

Best Home Made Scrub:

You can make scrub at home. There are several home made scrub recipes but the one I found best is

Honey-Yogurt scrub. To prepare this scrub you have to take 1 tbsp yogurt, 1 tbsp honey and 1 tsp sugar.

Mix them well and apply on your face. Yogurt is good to balance face PH level, honey moisturizes the skin

and sugar exfoliates skin cells. It is not recommended for oily skin.

Best Branded Scrub: 

Neutrogena scrubs are the best branded scrub I found. You can find

wide range of scrub in this brand. If you use it on daily basis then the

results will be outstanding and long lasting.

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