Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How To Look Beautiful.

Inner Beauty:

1) Your face is the reflection of your soul so if you are honest by heart then it

reflects on your outer surface.

2) Try to accept the circumstances and feel happy with what you have.

3) If you are happy inside then you glow naturally and wear smile as a part of

your nature.

4) Try to be helpful, people loves you when you have such qualities. If a person is selfish and rude, nobody

likes them although they have very beautiful faces.

Care products:

1) Use face-wash (that suits to your skin) on daily basis to wash off all dirt on your face. Wash your face

twice a day.

2) After using face-wash, use perfect day cream.

3) Cleanse your skin when it looks dull. Cleansing is especially recommended on extreme weathers because

extreme weather could greatly affects your skin cells.

4) Don't over do facial as it could be aggressive for your skin cells.

General Tips:

1) Take 8 glasses of water each day because it hydrats your skin.

2) Eat a lots of fruits and vegetables.

3) Don't get over weight.

4) Do exercise on daily basis.

5) Sleep at least 7-8 hours in a day.

6) Always make a confident and proper posture.

7) Hair Style should be match to your personality,take advice from your beautician that which style suits you


8) Don't over do with your eyebrow outlining.

9) choose lipstick colour that suits to your personality.

10) Don't touch your pimple as it lefts scars or spread on other areas.

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